Germany: Corona Hazard and Increase of Domestic Violence – How do We Combat it?

by Jonathan Frühling

It is often claimed that the bourgeois family is a place of security, protection, and the closest solidarity in society, but behind this deceptive facade hides an ugly grimace, often a daily reality for many children and women. In order to become aware of the full extent of domestic violence, we can have a look at countries such as India or Colombia. More

Pakistan: Solidarity with the Baloch Students’ Organization!

League for the Fifth International

Free Jiand Baloch, Zareef Rind, Changaiz Baloch and Aurangzaib Baloch!

On the afternoon of 5th December, three student activists; Zareef Rind, Changaiz Baloch and Aurangzaib Baloch went missing. They were last seen at a protest for the release of Jiand Baloch, the Joint Secretary of the Baloch Students’ Organisations, his father, Abdul Qayyum Baloch, and his ten year old brother, Hasnain Baloch, on the same day in Quetta, Balochistan’s capital. This criminal abduction of the whole remaining leadership of the Baloch Students’ Organisation clearly bears the all the hallmarks of the secret service. More