Our Politics

Workers Power is a revolutionary, communist organization formed in 2009 in the tradition of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky. We seek to apply their ideas and methods in the fight against capitalism today.

We are American sympathizers of an international tendency formed in 1989, which in 2003 adopted the name League for the Fifth International, to fight for a new world party of social revolution.

Capitalism is a crisis ridden social system that repeatedly plunges the world into destructive phases of economic downturn, instability, and war. Private ownership of the means of production obstructs the development of human potential and leaves billions in poverty while a handful of oligarchs monopolize wealth and resources.

The alternative to capitalism is generated by the class struggle of the modern working class which repeatedly organizes resistance to the ruling capitalist class. Today, with global capitalism entrenched in another historic crisis, working-class resistance is springing up everywhere against the capitalists’ attempts to make workers pay for a crisis they never caused.

By developing a new revolutionary leadership, the working class can unify its resistance to the capitalist offensive and convert it into a challenge to the rule of capital itself. This means overthrowing the capitalist class in an armed revolution, breaking up the repressive apparatus of the capitalist state, and replacing it with the rule of councils of recallable delegates from workplaces and working-class communities, guarded and defended by a workers’ militia.

The principal obstacle to the victory of working-class resistance is the leadership of the working-class movement itself. From Social-Democracy through to the mainstream “Communist” Parties with their Stalinist ideology, the mass political parties of the working-class movement have long since abandoned the road of revolution. Their reformist ideology not only obscures the road to working-class power, it also disorganizes systematically resistance to the cuts and the capitalist offensive today.

The Fourth International was founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938 to challenge the misleadership of Social Democracy and Stalinism, but since 1951 has abandoned this task and everywhere adapts to their leadership. For this reason, we raise everywhere the call for the formation of a new world party of social revolution: a Fifth International.